Important to Know Before You Trade


About Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful and friendly country, full of history and great attractions and amazing sites! 

Equally important, it is a country reputable for high quality agricultural products due to fertile land and supporting climate!

The heritage of erstwhile USSR has helped Ukraine to achieve high standards of manufactural processing of Agri-foods and many manufacturers have gained experience and reputation over the years of producing and exporting high quality Food & Beverages products to the rest of the world!   

Important to Know

Ukrainian and Russian languages are the most commonly used languages both for life and Business. If you are not familiar with these two languages and trying to find your way to trade with Ukraine, you might need an expert who can speak your language and intermediate with Ukrainian suppliers to facilitate finding the right supplier and negotiate the best trade terms.

Also, most suppliers in Ukraine usually request Advance Payment as the payment terms for any shipment. Other common International Trade payment tools like Documentary Collections and Letters of Credit are hardly accepted by suppliers, especially for first-time importers. 

Hence, it is very important to have an expert partner on the ground who can identify the best suppliers with high credibility to honor trade terms.

Finally, if you decide to approach any supplier on stand-alone basis, you might want to start with trial "small" volumes to test the experience. Even if this is not the case, your stand-alone trading with any Ukrainian supplier might not give you the volume advantage to negotiate the best possible trade terms. Therefore, relying on an experienced partner who deals with such suppliers on regular basis can give you more benefit of negotiating better trade terms!

Why Trade Through UCM?

Our expert native team, apart from speaking Ukrainian and Russian languages also speaks English, Arabic, Spanish & French. This helps us effectively intermediating with our non-Ukrainian, non-Russian speaking clients to understand their requirements, identify the best suppliers to meet their requirements and negotiate the trade terms on their behalf.

Also, through our many years of trading in the Ukrainian market, we are able to identify the best suppliers and Freight Forwarders who can give our clients hassle-free experience from the time they contract until they receive their shipments. Apart from negotiating the best terms, we rigorously validate documents to ensure compliance with buyers' request at their port of discharge.

Finally, as we trade frequently with high quality suppliers in large volumes on behalf of our clients, we are able to obtain the best trade prices and terms for our clients.

What You Get

You will need our services if you want:

  • Overcoming the language barriers for negotiation and conclusion of your trade transactions;
  • Identification and contracting with the most credible Ukrainian suppliers;
  • Hassle-free shipping documentation and logistics arrangements;
  • Best possible prices and trade terms.