Sun Flower Oil

Ukraine Sun Flower Oil

Best Sun Flower Oil

Our supplier is a leading Ukrainian factory specializing in sunflower seeds and rapeseeds crushing.

The plant began its operation in December 2012, when the first stage of high-quality oil seeds and meals production was launched. 

The factory is equipped with the specialized facilities of leading world producers. At the base of production processes of sunflower and rape seeds, there is a pre-pressing – extraction technology scheme.

Company Credentials

Quality indicators of production satisfy the requirements of state and world standards under security settings. 

The main purpose of the company is a production of competitive products meeting all customers’ demands in domestic and foreign markets.

All production processes are fully automated. Using of modern software support allows to achieve an ease in operation, correctness in compliance with main process requirements, and exclude, in-full, the human factor in production, which guarantees excellent quality and safety of produced products.

Product Range

A variety of PET bottles in 1L, 2L, 3L & 5L volumes

How We Can Help


Our Customers rely on our expertise to facilitate their orders by negotiating the best Price & Payment Terms with the supplier.

Also, our customers have the peace of mind by relying on UCM for all shipping and transportation arrangements from the Factory all the way through to their home country ports. Our services include:

  • Arranging and contracting with the best Shipping Agencies;
  • Arranging and contracting with the best Marine Insurance providers;
  • Arranging and contracting with Inspection Agencies (if required)