Milk Products


Wide Range of Animal & Vegetarian Milk Products

Our supplier is a modern dynamic company, one of the largest milk producers in Ukraine. The company has been maintaining a high quality of its products, high market positions and customer loyalty. 

The company specialty is ultra-high temperature (UHT) technology of milk treatment, both direct and indirect. This technology allows to extend the shelf life of products up to 12 months.

In 2018 the company launched an innovative product category – plant based milk (also known as dairy alternatives). Currently producing oat milk and buckwheat milk packages. These products are 100% plant based, certified for consumption by vegans. The company plans to extend its assortment in this rapidly growing category.

Company Credentials

The company plant has been certified as compliant with the international food quality (DSTU ISO 9001) and safety management (DSTU ISO 22000) standards. 

The company products are also HALAL Certified

Product Range

Assortments include more than 100 dairy products of 6 popular brands in wide range of package types and formats. The company’s daily production capacity is over 350 tons.

The main product categories include:

  • 100% natural ultrapasteurized (UHT) cow milk;
  • Plant-based milk (oat milk, buckwheat milk);
  • Ultrapasteurized (UHT) cream (including dairy and non-dairy cream);
  • Flavored milk (including milk cocktails and drinks for children).

How We Can Help


Our Customers rely on our expertise to facilitate their orders by negotiating the best Price & Payment Terms with the supplier.

Also, our customers have the peace of mind by relying on UCM for all shipping and transportation arrangements from the Factory all the way through to their home country ports. Our services include:

  • Arranging and contracting with the best Shipping Agencies;
  • Arranging and contracting with the best Marine Insurance providers;
  • Arranging and contracting with Inspection Agencies (if required)