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Our supplier was founded in 1867 as a private cannery. During the Soviet Union period the factory covered about 60% of baby-food demand of the USSR.

In the middle of the 60ies of last century, in accordance to the order of Soviet Union Defense Ministry, the factory began manufacturing of the special food for Space Cosmonauts– canned fruit purees, juices, jams and coffee.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and independence of Ukraine, the company has been operating in Ukraine for 20 years, and factories’ location in Southern Ukraine provides an access to fresh harvest of fruits and vegetables from orchards and gardens of our local partner farmers.

Two processing plants in Odessa and Vinnytsa region provide in-house production of fruit and vegetable semi-products (purees, concentrated and non-concentrated juices) 

Company Credentials

The company is an ISO9001 & ISO22000 certified and a major player in the Ukrainian soft drinks industry and one of the leaders in juice and baby food markets.

Product Range

The company provides various assortments encompassing Premium and stream line Juice Nectars and Flavoured Water that comes in 0.95L, 500ML, 250ML, 200ML Tetra Pack and 250ML Glass Bottles. This is in addition to a selection of PET & Pouch packages.

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Our Customers rely on our expertise to facilitate their orders by negotiating the best Price & Payment Terms with the supplier.

Also, our customers have the peace of mind by relying on UCM for all shipping and transportation arrangements from the Factory all the way through to their home country ports. Our services include:

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